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We All Love Being Heard

I’ve been toying with subscribing to Spotify Premium for the longest time. Afterall, it only costs 9.90 SGD a month. That’s like the cost of two Starbuck lattes.

Free desktop and mobile high quality audio streaming, anytime, anywhere. Subscribing should be a no brainer, right? Strangely enough, the answer is no.

I think it’s because if I do subscribe, it’ll be the first time I’ve ever properly subscribed to anything for myself, and so it’s kinda scary. I’m a little scared by the thought of being hooked on a service that sucks money from me on a monthly basis, no matter how small that amount is.

So, I turned to the Twitterverse for advice, hoping that one of my followers/friends out there would give Spotify Premium a glowing review, thereby giving me an excuse to finally subscribe to the service. What shocked me wasn’t the fact that my question didn’t get a reply from anyone on Twitter, but the fact that I received a tweet reply from @SpotifySG.

Here’s what the conversation looked like:

To the genius behind the @SpotifySG Twitter account, kudos to you. Respect.

It’s the little actions like replying lame questions from people like me that truly show how much effort a brand invests in itself.

While I haven’t actually subscribed to Spotify Premium just yet, the replies from Spotify on Twitter have definitely helped to bridge the chasm between me (a consumer) and Spotify (a service and brand). Whatever it is, they’ve definitely nudged me closer to parting with my $9.90/month.

We all like to be heard

This leads me to the title of this post, that we (consumers) all like to be heard to some extent. Consumers used to be individuals that brands could only reach out to via commercials on radio, it then evolved to print ads on newspapers and magazines, and then advertisements on TV.

Brands now have the ability to engage consumers via social media platforms on a level and setting that is much more intimate than ever before. Those that fail to do so will only lose out in the long run. Heck, at the rate things are moving today, I can only foresee that those who fail to do so will lose out in the short run. Only time will tell.

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