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My Year In Weight – Quantified & Visualized

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 — 70.02kg // 14.2% fat

That’s what I weighed a year ago when I took my first measurement on an electronic scale that captures my weight and provides a breakdown of my lean mass and fat percentage.

I’ve since tried to be as religious as possible with taking my measurements. One year on and I’ve added 313 measurements to the log.

To keep the measurements accurate, this is what my morning routine looks like:

  1. Get up
  2. Take dump and pee
  3. Quick shower
  4. Shave
  5. Step onto the weighing scale for the moment of truth

You know, I’ve got to get unnecessary solids and liquids out of my system before weighing myself.

I’ve really gotten into the hang of weighing myself every morning and find it quite a satisfying daily ritual. I love it because it provides me with a good gauge of how much more or less I’m supposed to be eating throughout the day.

Now that it’s been a year on, I thought it would be cool to quantify my weight and visualize how it has fluctuated over the last year or so.

Weight graph I pulled from Withing's Health Mate

Weight graph I pulled from the Withing’s Health Mate Web App

Fat Mass graph I pulled from Withing's Health Mate web app

Fat Mass graph I pulled from the Withing’s Health Mate Web App

There seemed to be a glitch with the web app as a few data points seemed to be missing from the graph.  This was most likely due to the UI not being able unable to accommodate the number of data points in such a small space.

I then exported the data and used Keynote to create two graphs that better visually represent my weight over the last year.

Daniel’s Weight

My Weight Graph

My Weight Graph

Highest Weight: 74.47kg (1 Jan 2016)
Lowest Weight: 65.07kg (1 Dec 2016)

Can’t believe I was almost 75kg at the start of the year and had 14.82kg of fat in my body.

Daniel’s Fat Percentage

My Fat Graph

My Fat Graph

Highest Fat Percentage: 16.8% (4 Jan 2016)
Lowest Fat Percentage: 11.4% (16 Oct 2016)

Kind of want my fat percentage to be around 10%. I’m currently hovering around 12%, got to do some work here.


It’s amazing how far technology has come. If you don’t already have access to an electronic scale that’s able to keep a log of your data, I strongly suggest you get one.

I was at the heaviest I’d ever been and felt horrible about it. Being able to keep a close tab on my weight & fat logs has really helped me to bring that weight down to a healthier level with the help of regular exercise.

My Aim for 2017

Time to get my weight up to 68-70kg, with a fat percentage of 10% by the middle of 2017.

Let’s go!