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Tom Ford’s Essentials

My poor man’s take on the Tom Ford’s Essentials

1. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans
A pair of unwashed 8 month old organic dry selvage Grim Tim Nudies. I should probably wash them soon.

2. A sense of humour
I would like to think of myself as humorous, but I think there’s definitely more work to be done.

3. A daily read of an intelligent online newspaper
I don’t know what qualifies as an intelligent daily read, but there are a couple of tech blogs and other sites that I read on a daily basis, so I guess that counts.

4. Good manners
I think I have these

5. A nail clipper

6. Tweezers
I have a few. I love the one from Tweezerman though. The tips are nicely balanced and sanded so it’s really accurate.

7. Magnifying mirror
I used to have one, but it broke. Time to get another. Having one is really useful though, especially for tweezing facial hair.

8. Beautiful toothbrush
Why on earth would you need a beautiful toothbrush? I use regular ones from the supermarket.

9. Bottle of mouthwash
I have one, but rarely use it because I find it too harsh on the mouth. Only used in emergencies.

10. A good cologne that becomes a signature
I used Polo Blue for 6 years, and loved it. I’m currently switching back and forth between that and Davidoff’s Cool Water.

11. A well-cut dark suit
Got mine tailored in Bangkok.

12. A pair of classic black lace-up shoes
I’m currently wearing in a cheap pair from Aldo.

13. Black loafers
Don’t have a pair, but I have a pair of really dark navy blue ones that might be able to double up as black loafers.

14. Blazer
I swear by a multi-purpose navy blue blazer. But I’ve been meaning to get a sports jacket for the longest time. The weather in Singapore isn’t exactly very forgiving, so wearing blazers can be very punishing.

15. Lots of crisp white cotton shirts
I love crisp white cotton shirts. Unfortunately, they’re expensive. And I don’t really see a need to have so many of them. Unless of course I wear them on a daily basis, which I don’t. That said, I do have a few and my favourite is the one tailored from Tailor on Ten in Bangkok.

16. Always new socks and underwear
I have a good supply of underwear because I can bathe up to 5 times a day, and changing of my underwear is really important. But I don’t really have a good supply of socks, partly also because they’re expensive. Time to get new ones.

17. A classic tuxedo
This is definitely high on my “To get” list.

18. A beautiful day watch with a metal band
My favourite watch of all time, an Omega Seamaster, given to me by my dad for my 18th birthday. Thank you daddy.

19. A beautiful evening watch with a leather strap
Another one that’s high on my “To get” list. Any reasonably priced ones to recommend?

20. The perfect sunglasses
I have a pair of Ray Bans that I love. Bought them on my visit to Italy.

21. A good bed, crisp sheets, down pillows, and a down duvet
Most of this doesn’t apply from where I come from because the weather’s just too damn hot. I love my bed though. Crisp sheets just sounds extravagant and hotel-like. Maybe next time.

22. Perfect teeth
Thanks to my mum and dad who sent me for braces, even when I strongly insisted on not needing them. My wisdom teeth are starting to mess up the teeth on the lower jaw though. Have to get them extracted soon.

That’s about it. I really enjoyed putting this list together. Should probably do it more often. I wonder if any other designers have essential lists like that.