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Most Useful Mac Apps 2016

I swear by this list, trust me.

I bought my first MacBook 7 years ago and have performed several clean installations since. The latest one took place a few days ago as a result of water hitting the keyboard.

Every time I do a clean install, I find myself reinstalling a bunch of familiar apps over and over again. They’re the ones that have survived the Trash and have proven themselves to be truly useful.

What my desktop looks like right now, how lovely.

What my desktop looks like right now, how lovely.

Here, I’ve compiled a short list of the most truly useful Mac OS X applications that I can’t live without. I use these apps on a daily basis, swear by them, and am in no way paid by any of the companies to put this list together.

Whether or not you’re new or familiar to OS X (macOS), I hope you’ll find the list helpful.

In no order of importance or usefulness, here goes:

Caffeine – Nifty menubar app that prevents your screen from going to sleep with a click of the mouse.

ColorSnapper 2 – Great menubar app that helps me bring up a colorpicker with a keyboard shortcut.

F.lux – A menubar app that tailors the amount of blue light on your screen to the time of day. Great if you’re a night owl like me.

Screenie – Another menubar app I love that helps to organize screenshots and bring up the most recent ones with a click of the mouse.

aText – Great text expander that lives in the menubar. Every Mac user needs one.

BetterSnapTool – Awesome menubar app that lives in the background but allows you to manipulate windows like a pro. You need this!

DeskPM – If you blog or write often, this app is one of the best authoring apps out there that provides a super smooth writing and publishing workflow.

Spotify – Need I say more? Never worry about downloading music again.

Franz – Great app that integrates an insane amount of Instant Messengers out there into one dashboard.

Evernote – Best free notetaking app I’ve ever used. Thanks guys.

I’ll continue to build on this list as I go along. Let me know if you found it helpful!