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BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner

I backed my second Kickstarter project around 6 months ago. It was for the BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner. I don’t know why I did it, I think I did because I found it cool. Maybe also because I have a thing for carabiners.

Anyway, I kind of forgot about the project after it got successfully funded. The good thing was the project’s founder, Sunny from MAS Designs, sent regular updates to us backers on how the project was coming along. I really enjoyed his updates. They were informative and really gave me an insight to what running a Kickstarter project was like. He mentioned the whole process being a frantic rush to meeting deadlines, dealing with bad manufacturers, rushing orders and everything else under the sun.

The Titanium Carabiner finally arrived in the mail last week. I love it. I’ve since attached it to a set of keys, and the bunch sits nicely in my bag now. Here are some photos. Sunny, I hope I’ve done your product justice.

BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner Packaging BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner Unboxing BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner Keyrings BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner C50 BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner C50 & Keyrings BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner & Box

BAUHAUS Titanium Carabiner Full Set

Kickstarter’s really an amazing crowdsourcing platform. What’s even more amazing is how they’ve made the entire experience so seamless for Kickstarters as well as Backers. There was no point in the experience where I felt insecure about not getting the finished product.

I find myself trawling through Kickstarter projects whenever I have nothing else to do. Have you backed anything on Kickstarter yet?