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The Two Most Important Days In Your Life

I stumbled upon a really beautiful quote today by Mark Twain. It goes like this:

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain

I’m really looking forward to the day I find out why.

  • I have a feeling the answer to why is right in front of us, but we just have to open our eyes to see it.

  • Good point there, Jacob. Then again, there’s so much noise in the world today, maybe we need to do more than just opening our eyes alone.

    • That is why I am a big fan of minimalism. Clear away all the distractions and leave only the essentials. Your blog design is a good example of minimalism. I would (and should) use Standard Theme, but I’m too cheap to put $99 toward it.

      • I’m not trying to sell it, but if you can, you really should check Standard out. It has been my best decision ever since I started blogging 2 years ago.

        On the other hand, I’d think a more important factor would be really good content and a consistent writing schedule, which you have. So not to worry dude!

        • Thanks! I’ll definitely prioritize content over anything else (except security). I would like to eventually monetize a little bit to cover the hosting costs and I heard Standard is pretty good at setting up places for ad code.

          I never really liked advertising and I’ve started writing an e-book in hopes that it will cover the hosting costs instead of annoying ads.

          • Like the e-book idea as well instead of too many ads… I think the one column design like Daniel has it is the way to go for mobile compatible sites.

          • Yup the ebook content is a great idea Jacob! I’ve been noticing a trend towards content focused sites/blogs. I know Standard is already built to feature content as its primary focus, but I decided to take it up a notch. Hopefully it pays off.