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Life Hacks: How I Blocked 27548 & Counting Ads On The Internet

Can you imagine life on the Internet without advertisements?

No advertisements to distract you while you’re surfing the web. No advertisements stopping you from watching your favourite videos on YouTube. No advertisements on your Facebook and Twitter news feeds. No advertisements on the results page when you Google something. No advertisements anywhere, ever again.

You can, with ‘AdBlock Plus‘.

I found AdBlock Plus after I started looking for a way to prevent YouTube from sneakily making watch lame advertisements right before watching one of their videos. I really hated those 15 to 30 second long ads that didn’t allow you to skip them. Talk about destroying user experience, those ads on YouTube really did for me because I’m a YouTube addict.

AdBlock Plus prevents YouTube from showing me ads, it hides advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Google search results, and many other places where one might encounter ads on the Internet.

AdBlock Plus

27548 ads blocked to date.


Imagine how much time and frustration it’s saved me. Might’ve increased my productivity too.

Go get it now, it’s free!

  • What are those other Chrome extensions? They look neat.

    • Hey Jacob, right now I’m using:
      Kippt – Bookmarking service
      Asana – Task management service
      Evernote – Helps to clip stuff to Evernote
      What Font – Font detector
      Buffer – Helps to buffer stuff for social media
      Alexa – Helps to estimate a site’s traffic
      Adblock Plus – Blocks all nasty advertisements

      What about you?

      • I also have What Font. In addition to that I have Yammer, Awesome Screenshot, Google Dictionary, Page Ruler, and SEO for Chrome.