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Bolshoi Ballet Swan Lake

Swan Lake 1

Swan Lake 3

Lorna and I managed to get tickets to Bolshoi Ballet’s Swan Lake in November. Tickets were getting snapped up as we bought them online. It’s a dream come true!

  • Awesome! Don’t love ballet but I appreciate the art and the hard work they all put into the performances…

    • I’m not a ballet dancer myself, but I do dance Salsa, so I kinda appreciate the pain they have to endure to put up a brilliant performance. 😉

      • Salsa? Tell me more about that… You like the new Marc Anthony song? Vivir Mi Vida.

        • I like his cover of Hector Lavoe’s Aguanile the best!

          • You DO know your Marc Anthony. He’s got a new album coming out soon! Wait for it… Also, how did you learn to dance salsa? Videos? Going to classes and clubs?

          • Awesome! Looking forward to more songs from him! I picked it up in college actually. Loving it. 🙂